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Cygnet Aerospace is the premier provider of new FAA-PMA dual yokes, control wheels and flight accessories. We are American Bonanza Society and Trade-a-Plane advertisers and exhibitors. You'll see our ads in:

American Bonanza Society (ABS) Magazine
Trade-a-Plane (Section 11120, Beech Misc Parts and Services)

The Cygnet Aerospace Dual Yoke was featured on the 2001 AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) Bonanza! Our products have been touted as the "Rolls Royce" of aircraft components ... without the large price tag. Read the reviews below to find out what the experts say about Cygnet components, quality, and service.

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The dual yoke: A safety considerationDownload requires the user to have Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
"The earlier Beechcraft aircraft that many of us fly--mine is a fantastic 1960 M35--had the very unique and innovative single throw-over control yoke system..."

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your SafetyDownload requires the user to have Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
"The older Beechcraft, both "V" and straight tail, are fantastic machines that are a pleasure to fly. They were delivered with a single "throw over" control wheel..."

New Product ReviewDownload requires the user to have Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
"Cygnet Aerospace gains approval for new PMA'd Beech dual control yoke..."

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