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Auto Pilot Switches

S-Tec Replacement Switch
Compatible with S-Tec autopilots on experimental aircraft.

Cygnet Part #: CA03112

Replace your old S-Tec trim switch with Cygnet's new direct replacement switch. Cygnet's switch uses the same electrical components as the S-Tec version for straightforward installation.

Cygnet's switch housing and rockers are machined from billet aluminum, giving it a more solid feel than the plastic parts used in the OEM version. Plastic in the OEM switch also tends to break due to wear. These new aluminum switches don't have an issue with breakage.

This switch is not yet FAA approved and is only available to experimental aircraft owners while approval is pending. Watch the website for status updates.

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Canister with Pump Attached
  • switch assembly
  • 2 mounting screws

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