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Wheel Adapters

Ram's Wheel Conversion Kit
For aircraft with conventional tube type control columns needing dual large ram's style wheels.

Cygnet Part #: CA60-5000

A number of new, prototype aircraft have selected the Cygnet control wheel for their production and experimental kit plane designs. Using our basic adapter it is possible to install our wheel on a varity of aircraft with conventional, tube-type control columns including a Cessna Piper, Mooney Navion, and an Aero Commander under 337 field approval.

The Wheel Conversion Kit replaces both your wheels with new style Large Ram's Wheels.


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Wheel with Adapter
Adapter with Tube Style Column
  • 2 Large Ram's Style Wheels
  • 2 Wheel Adapters
  • 2 PTT Switches, installed
  • all required mounting and installation hardware

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