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Cygnet Flight Desk
For Cygnet Single and Dual Control Arms

Cygnet Part #: CA35-235

The Cygnet Flight Desk Chart Holder mounts on the Cygnet control at the optimum angle for easy viewing. The solid design provides a smooth writing surface. Tablet size is approximately 8.5 x 5.5 inches, or about the size of an approach plate.

The low profile bracket is made for maximum clearance, ensuring minimal interference when reaching for instruments when the desk is removed. The Flight Desk removes instantly with a slight turn of a single knob. Experienced fliers find the Flight Desk can be left in place for almost all operations.

The Flight Desk installs into the existing holes in your Cygnet dual arm control. The position of the flight desk is ergonomic, allowing comfortable viewing by both the pilot and copilot. The solid writing surface allows for instant copying of airborne flight clearances. Checklists, maps, charts, and approach plates are easy to stack and organize. The Cygnet Aerospace Flight Desk cuts cockpit clutter, effectively eliminating kneeboards (which tend to induce vertigo).

Cygnet also sells a flight desk that fits onto Beech controls. For more information on the Beech OEM control Chart Holder click here.

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The Chart Holder has many uses other than holding your charts, here's one of them!

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