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We manufacture more Bonanza / Baron wheels each year
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Control Wheels

Large Style Ram's Wheel
For all single and multi-engine models of Beech aircraft and some non-Beech models

Cygnet Part #: CA60-524080-17
$630.00 (STD white)
(custom color)

Cygnet Aerospace Control Wheels are identical in design to the Beech Large Ram's Horn style wheels. They are powder coated with a highly durable material and are available in the current Raytheon control wheel white or a hi-gloss black (at an additional charge). Peeling or yellowing that occurs to older Beech wheels has been eliminated by the Cygnet Aerospace proprietary powder coating process.

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Thumbplates, Faceplate, and Mounting Hardware


  • 1 large ram's style wheel
  • 2 standard thumbplates
  • 1 standard faceplate
  • all necessary hardware for thumbplate, faceplate, and wheel installation

Ram's Wheel Options

Push-to-Talk Switches
Installed on new Cygnet Control Wheels

Cygnet Part #: PTT8125C&K-1

High quality subminiature Push-To-Talk Switches are available with 10" pigtail wiring ready for you or your avionics personnel to install. The switches can be installed in either the trigger position or on the thumb plate and can be used for several different functions, including autopilot control. The Cygnet subminiature switches are a compact size compared to the standard OEM switch, and provide good click action when engaged.

AP Disc, ALT Hold, and PTT Switches


  • PTT switch with colored switch cap
  • 10" wire leads

Digital Chronometers
For Cygnet and Beech Control Wheels

A Digital Chronometer (clock) is available to mount in the faceplate in the control wheel center.

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Chronometer Installed

Leather Wrap
For new Cygnet Control Wheels

Hand crafted leather wrapping of new Cygnet Control Wheels is available on request.

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Ram's Wheel Replacement Parts


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