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Replacement Parts

Ram's Wheel Thumbplates
For Cygnet Control Wheels

Cygnet Part #: CA35-230-10
$39.95 (per set)

Four button head socket stainless steel screws are included with each set. Please specify color when ordering, comes in black or white.

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Thumb Plates

Replacement Set Includes:

  • 2 thumbplates
  • 4 button head socket screws

Ram's Wheel Faceplate
For Cygnet Ram's Wheels

Cygnet Part#: CA35-231-10

Please specify color when ordering, comes in black and white.

If you have a leather wheel please let us know when replacing your faceplate, we will provide you with mounting screws that accomdate the thickness of the leather.


  • 1 standard white or black faceplate (please specify color when ordering)
  • 2 mounting screws

Davtron Chronometer Faceplate
For Cygnet or Beech OEM Control Wheels

Cygnet Part #s:
CA35-232-1 (fits Cygnet wheel)
CA35-232-2 (fits Beech wheel)

Already have a working clock? Update your old Davtron Faceplate to a new style Cygnet plate. Rusty screws around the chronometer face have been eliminated for a clean new look. Two styles are available for installation in a Cygnet or a Beech OEM Wheel. Clock not included with replacement faceplate and must be purchased separately.

Replacement Davtron Faceplates


  • faceplate for either Cygnet or Beech Control Wheel (please specify when ordering)
  • faceplate mounting hardware
  • clock mounting hardware

Astro Tec Chronometer Faceplate
For Cygnet Control Wheels

Cygnet Part #: CA35-232-AC

Astro Tec faceplates are available from Cygnet for those of you ordering a Cygnet wheel, but like and want to keep your Astro Tec clock. The plate comes complete with mounting screws.


  • faceplate for Cygnet Control Wheel
  • faceplate mounting hardware
  • clock mounting hardware

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