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Used Yokes?

A Cygnet Aerospace Dual Yoke is completely new, inside and out. We do not assemble yokes from used or salvaged parts. Consider that a used yoke could be made up of highly worn components up to 50 years old with only a new paint job.

This is a flight system class II part and we do not feel comfortable using old, questionable parts. No dual yokes sold by Cygnet Aerospace are from a previously crashed or salvaged aircraft. Each yoke is stamped internally with a serial number for 100% traceability, making it easy to trace back to the original Cygnet Aerospace customer. This is not the case with Beech parts allowing stolen components to find their way back into the marketplace.

Cygnet yoke in front, Beech yoke in rear.

Beware that used aircraft parts can fall under the definition of unapproved parts (refer to Advisory Circular AC 21-29B). "Refurbished" and "reconditioned" are not FAA recognized terminology. If choosing a used part, you need to ask if this part is approved for installation on your aircraft per the type certification data sheet. Does the seller provide a maintenance release for repair and/or work performed?

Yoke Assembly Feature Comparisons


New Cygnet Yokes

Used Yokes (Various Sources)

Age of Part:

All Cygnet parts are NEW!

Some parts up to 50 years old.


NEW top-quality powder coating.

Often newly painted.

Traceability / Serialization:

YES, all Cygnet products are serialized and

Sometimes serialized, but almost always sold "AS IS". Yellows tags are often unavailable.

FAA 8130-3 Air Worthiness Approval Tag:

YES, Cygnet has a
full-time FAA-DMIR on

Only from Raytheon.

Look & Feel:

Computerized milling and
a sleek new look make Cygnet yokes the choice.

Cast part.


Cygnet yokes fit 56 models!

Numerous Raytheon versions.

Ability to install custom Chart Holder:

YES, mounting holes provided on Cygnet

Difficult to install clamps or brackets onto round tube. Mounting holes are not provided.

How bad can a used yoke be?


The above pictures are from an old eBay listing for a used yoke that claimed to be a Cygnet yoke.

Please browse our website and see that our products and prices are indeed the best on the market. We welcome and encourage customer input for further improvements and ideas to expand our product line. Do feel free to call with any further questions.

     Thanks for your interest in our products!

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