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Why not used?
Used Yoke versus Cygnet new Yoke

A Cygnet Aerospace Dual Yoke is completely new, inside and out. Consider that a used yoke could be made up of highly worn components up to 50 years old with only a new paint job.

New vs. Used Comparison, Click here

Can I Recoat
an OEM Wheel?
Recoat services no longer offered.

It is easier to manufacture a new control wheel than to repair and recoat an old one.

Click here to find out why Cygnet no longer offers OEM wheel recoats.

Aileron Trim Removal
Hints & Tips
Aileron Trim Removal Hints & Tips

When replacing your yoke assembly, your existing single yoke Aileron Trimmer can almost always be removed and reused on your new Dual Control.

Click here for Hints & Tips page

Cygnet Powder
Coating Products
Powder Canister and Pump

Cygnet also offers commercial powder coating canisters. Visit the Powder Coating page.

Nose Gear Brace
A new Nose Gear Brace to replace that old corroded one. See the corrosion pictures on the product page.

Dual Yoke
Cygnet Aerospace is the Premier Manufacturer of New FAA-PMA Dual Controls.

New FAA-PMA Control Wheels

Wheel Adapter
Wheel Adapters allow Cygnet wheels to be installed on a variety of aircraft with tube-type control columns.

Convert to a large ram's style wheel with a Control Wheel Upgrade Kit.

Leather Wrap
Add custom Leather Wrap to your new Control Wheels.

Yoke Lock
Protect a new or old investment with the Yoke Security Lock.


Flight Desk
Get great accessories like the Cygnet Flight Desk Chart Holder.

GPS Bracket
GPS Mounting Brackets come in kits, so if you change your mind and change your Dual Control orientation you're still covered.

Push-to-Talk Switches are available with Cygnet Control Wheels. Ask about them when placing your order.

New Davtron Chronometers with custom Cygnet faceplate.